Our Services

Repair and replace

When a damaged drain has been identified, as needed and with the use of our CCTV service, an in-situ repair can be carried out by using insurance recommended drain liners that carry a 25 year guarantee.

Unfortunately, there are times where a section of pipe is too damaged to be repaired and needs intrusive works to replace the service. In line with our track, trace and map service the intrusive works are carried out with safety and precision for a speedy effective resolve.



A CCTV survey is predominantly used to investigate ongoing drainage issues. The service can be used to carry out a visual inspection or a detailed report for further repair works.

Underground drainage can become damaged from tree roots, subsidence, heavy vehicle traffic and incorrect installation. Most of which can be easily repaired if found sooner with the cost of repair often cheaper with less disruption to services.


Tanker services

A tanker can be used for the safe emptying and cleaning of septic tanks, cesspits, gullies and larger chambers of both foul and surface water. Under Government legislation and in-line with the Environmental agencies waste carriers’ licence, Leading Environmental solutions ensure all waste is disposed of by the recognized, recommended and recorded methods.

“The environment is everyone’s responsibility and future”.


Grease (Fog) management

Despite every best effort (FOG) waste continues to cause problems within the drainage system, however a well-designed and maintained FOG management system greatly reduces the risk and consequence of a blockage. Regular emptying and cleaning of both the trap and associated pipe work with jetting gives great peace of mind against blockages moving forward.



High pressure water jetting is the most common and recommended means of cleaning and clearing drains and other surfaces both internal and external.

By using a wide variety of fittings with precise application, high pressure water will clear most blocked drains and break up the cause of the problem including:

• Fully cleans pipework to prevent costly blockages
• Cleans fat and grease traps
• Cleans ventilation and ducting
• Easily removes graffiti, chewing gum and grime
• Washes down septic tanks and chambers
• Cleans and restores brick and stone faces


Track trace and map

By using the latest non-intrusive sonar equipment, our specialist engineer can plot the location, size and depth of your drainage and other main services to help deliver your construction project.


Electro mechanical machining

Electromechanical machines are widely used across the drainage industry where access is restricted or health and safety needs dictate. By using different sized machines and a variety of attachments this method of working is equally as effective as water jetting in clearing and cleaning drainage.

With the correct application this work method can be used on sinks, showers, baths, stack pipes as well as underground drainage.